The Art of Hand-Carved Fruits, Vegetables, and Soap

What's Carving?

★ In Thailand carving, we use a special carving knife to varve unique patterns onto the fruits, vegetables and soaps.The common motifs are patterns of flowers,animals and geometry.

It was originally developed and used for the Kingdom of Thai around 13th century for the presentation of the food the kings.

Carved soaps are often enjoyed in the foyer or restroom.

Carved vegetables are well apprecated in times of celebration as part of the memorable piece in the weddings, food presentation in the party as well.

Carving Tools

Top:Basic Thai Carving Knife(recommended for beginner carvers)

Bottom:Replica of Original Thai Carving Knife(recommended for experienced/ advanced carvers)

Beginners will find that the Basic Thai Carving Knife can carve most designs on fruit,vegetable,and soap with esae, however the Replica Carving Knife is used for more intricate and advanced designs.